We are committed to clients to providing quality representation in litigation and arbitration matters.

Our firm has focused on providing creative solutions to difficult legal issues our clients face.  We have litigated in state and federal courts across the United States that often involves interpreting local and foreign law.  We have litigated issues involving the laws of Angola, Australia, Canada, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. We also have extensive experience in resolving issues in the following areas:

Investigations and Subpoena Requests

We assist our clients in responding to subpoenas from state and federal government agencies;

Civil RICO Claims

We have defended a number of clients against Civil RICO Claims where our client was implicated in an association-in-fact enterprise;

All types of corporate disputes

Including those claims of breach of fiduciary duty, the application of the business judgment rule, the scope of indemnification provisions in bylaws and other organizing documents, the enforceability of dilution and anti-dilution provisions, enforceability of voting provisions; piercing the corporate veil; liability of officers and directors of a corporation; the duty of care, duty of loyalty; and disinterestedness of directors, among other issues. We represent minority and majority shareholders;

Real Estate Disputes

We regularly represent our clients in real estate matters where issues involve dispute over ownership of land and the financing of commercial real property;

Contract Disputes

We routinely represent our clients in bringing and defending against claims of breach of contract for all type of contracts businesses and individuals enter into with third parties;

Employment Matter

We routinely defend our clients against claims of wrongful discharge, wage and hour claims, race and gender discrimination claims, among other claims.