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International We advise on mining agreements, provide guidance to insurers and reinsurers with interests across Africa, we advise our clients on importing and exporting goods in and out of Africa, on establishing non-profit organizations in Africa and around the world, on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, on structuring and suing on Standby Letters of Credit, on structuring and setting up entities on the Cook Islands, among other areas. For more than a decade we have been counted on as trusted partners in providing legal services to individuals and businesses across the globe. Learn more
Dispute Resolution We have deep experience in litigating and resolving disputes that arise from failed business transactions and from other types of issues that may arise between individuals, businesses, and governments. We represent businesses and individuals on a range of claims that involve, failed mergers, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of action, and derivative actions. Although we know how to litigate these and other issues to the court and to juries, we also know when to stop litigating and reach a resolution. Learn more
Corporate We advise our international clients on selecting and forming entities in the United States (usually in Delaware and Nevada) that are similar to entities our clients use in their home countries. We have, for example, advised our clients in Angola, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Kenya, Liberia, Senegal, Singapore, Sierra Leone, South Korea, South Africa, and Turkey, on forming comparable entities in the United States. We also advise on lending and raising capital, usually in the private equity market. We advised on structuring and preparing private placement memoranda and other equity and debt instruments. Since January 2020, we have helped our client lend or raise more than $30 million dollars in the private equity market. Learn more
Employment and Workplace Issues We have assisted clients with issues involving hiring and firing employees, properly classifying workers, designing and leave policies and practices, wage disputes, enforcing noncompetition agreements, sexual harassment, sex discrimination in wage payments, misclassification of workers’ claims, and issues relating to wrongful discharge of employees, and FLSA audits. Multinational companies have relied on and have implemented our advice on managing their employees. We have separated ourselves from other law firms by bringing an exceptional skill set in favorably positioning our clients for success in developing and implementing relevant employment policies and practices and in defending those policies and practices before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and before federal and state courts. Learn more